ReCER team

We are a continually expanding team of researchers collaborating across multiple areas including genomics, conservation genetics, ecological restoration, climate modelling, flora biogeography, evolution, microbiome diversity and much more.

The ReCER team May 2023
Maurizio Rossetto ReCER
Maurizio Rossetto
Marlien van der Merwe ReCEr team member
Marlien van der Merwe
Jason Bragg reCER team member
Jason Bragg
Samantha Yap ReCER team member
Samantha Yap
Saphira Bloom-Quinn
Manuela Cascini
Caroline Cristofolini
Richard Dimon ReCER team member
Richard Dimon
Chantelle Doyle
Monica Fahey
Patrick Fahey ReCER team member
Patrick Fahey
Karina Guo
Tricia Hogbin
Mira Jordan
Robert Kooyman
Patricia Lu-Irving ReCER team member
Patricia Lu-Irving
Allison Mertin ReCER team member
Allison Mertin
Eilish McMaster
Eilish McMaster
Susan Rutherford