Research Centre for Ecosystem Resilience

We use innovative science and technology to investigate the factors impacting the distribution and assembly of plant species.

Our research informs the conservation and restoration of resilient ecosystems.

Recent relevant research from ReCER

Genetics is helping to save plant species decimated by myrtle rust

The introduced plant disease myrtle rust affects around 350 Australian native plant species, with some on their way to becoming extinct in the wild. Genetic information is helping to guide collection of myrtle rust impacted species for safe storage in botanic gardens. One day, these living collections may help restore wild populations.

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Our Science

Explore our scientific projects and find out how they guide the conservation of resilient ecosystems.

We focus on the establishment of large-scale knowledge infrastructure systems that can inform the preservation and restoration of plant diversity.

ReCER Team photo May 2023


Meet our team of dedicated researchers collaborating across multiple areas including genomics, conservation genetics, ecological restoration, climate modelling, flora biogeography, evolution, microbiome diversity and much more.


We are a continually expanding team and aim to attract and nurture high quality early career scientists.

We seek out opportunities to collaborate with other organisations and interact with a broad range of stakeholders.

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