ReCER Field Collection App

ReCER Field Collection App is a mobile app that enables plant field collectors to accurately record field data associated with samples using a digital device (smart phones and tablets).

 Data is recorded for a collecting event and includes information about the collecting site, taxonomic units (species) assigned to samples, information about the samples and information about the population of each taxonomic unit (species) at a site. The recorded field data is returned in a digital format (.csv file) to a user specified email address.

The app was originally designed as a data collecting tool for Restore and Renew, a project that gathers landscape level genomic data for land management. Restore and Renew is led by the Research Centre for Ecosystem Resilience (ReCER); at the Australian Institute of Botanical Science (AIBS) at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.


The app is freely available for other field collectors and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Using the app: 

Users are given two options at the start of the app:

Collect for themselves. The user enters an email address of their choice. Field data will be sent to this e-mail address when using the export function.


Collect for Restore and Renew. The user will be provided login details by the ReCER team. Upon exporting the data from the app, the user will receive a copy of the field data in their nominated email address AND the field data will be forwarded and integrated into the Restore and Renew database.

Privacy Policy

The policy for our app can be found here.