Publications and reports

Browse some of ReCER’s publications, including research papers published by our scientists, and reports prepared for the NSW Saving our Species program


Read abstracts from all of ReCERs publications in our annual publications booklet. 

Genomics for the Saving our Species Program

ReCER supports the NSW Saving our Species program through the provision of conservation genomic information.

Below is a list of reports ReCER has prepared to guide conservation actions, including translocation, the establishment of ex-situ collections, and resolution of taxonomic uncertainty.

Please contact Maurizio Rossetto to request copies of these reports. 

Acacia terminalis subsp. Eastern Sydney

Astrotricha crassifolia

Banksia vincentia

Bossiaea species

Caesia parviflora var minor

Daphanandra johnsonii

Eidothea hardeniana

Eucalyptus sp Cattai

Eucalyptus tetrapleura

Fontainea oraria

Hibbertia sp Bankstown

Lenwebbia sp. Main Range

Marsdenia longiloba

Persoonia hirsuta

Persoonia pauciflora

Pimelea spicata 

Pittosporum sp Coffs Harbour

Pomaderris delicata

Prosanthera densa and Prostanthera marifolia

Pultenaea maritima

Rhodamnia rubescens

Syzygium paniculatum

Uromyrtus australis

Zieria convenyi

Zieria obcordata