Chantelle Doyle

Practitioner Engagement Facilitator​

As a Practitioner Engagement Facilitator​, I am privileged to help communicate the work of the Research Centre for Ecosystem Resilience (ReCER) team with practitioners, industry, government and community members. This research helps inform descriptions of species, plan conservation activities and prioritise actions. My role in outreach is to develop a communication method aligned with the user and to make sure the content is relevant, understandable and relatable.

My background includes science and conservation, as well as theatre and radio. I have worked variously with landholders in natural resource management, industry and more recently in research. I am currently completing a PhD in plant translocation, that is the movement of plants for conservation or as protection against development impacts. As part of my research I work closely with practitioners, develop communication materials (e.g. , and review policy. It is a joy to showcase the extraordinary work of Australian scientists and conservationists, as well as to expand this work into conservation practice.