Saphira Bloom-Quinn

Technical Officer Biodiversity Genomics

My background is in genetics and evolutionary biology. My research interests are in population genetics (especially relating to speciation, gene flow, and demographic processes), systematics and biogeography.

For my Honours project at the University of Queensland, I investigated the role of chromosomal inversions in parapatric speciation of the Senecio lautus species complex. For my first Masters project, based at the Berlin Museum fuer Naturkunde, I worked on the first population genetic study of the endemic New Guinean Jewel-Babbler using DNA extracted from historical specimens. For my second Masters project, at Uppsala University, I investigated whether a number of morphological and ecological traits in Selaginella species were associated with inferred transoceanic long-distance dispersal events.

I am excited to be using my background to support the Restore and Renew research at ReCER with Dr Marlien Van Der Merwe.